yamaha mio aerox 155
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yamaha bluecore technology

Optimum Combustion

This improvement is made possible with an optimized valve design that enhances the tumble flow effect. This, along with a compact hemispherical combustion chamber results in a higher compression ratio.

Increased Cooling Efficiency

Heat is easily dissipated because of the DiASil Cylinder which cools 3-times faster than steel. The cooling effect is also assisted by a piston cooler that releases oil into the pistons.

Reduced Power Loss

Achieved with the use of the roller-rocker-arm; a mechanism that reduces friction resistance. There is also the forged piston that has a smaller reciprocating mass than cast pistons and this minimizes vibration for a smoother engine performance.

The combination of these 3 elements results in More Power for Less Fuel and allows you to Be More with Blue Core.

National Technician Grand Prix
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