National Techinician Grand Prix 2014

1st National Technician Grand Prix 2014

Aside from racing, Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. plans to rev the hearts of many through the...Read more!

Champions Rebuild Lives

Valentino Rossi: Champions Rebuild Lives

Lend a hand to the victims of the typhoon Yolanda...View now!

The 43rd Tokyo Motorshow 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motorshow 2013

The Memorable Visit: YMPH Invites Media Partners to...Read more!

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Valentino Rossi

The Doctor Helps Rebuild Lives

Valentino Rossi has officially landed on the Philippines last February 23, 2014. He came to help support Yamaha’s Lend a Hand Project...View now!

RS110F Mania

Yamaha RS110F Mania

Celebrating Philippine’s First Tricycle Festival - Happy Fiesta Cabanatuan! 2014 is the year....Read more!

Yamaha Lends a Hand

Yamaha Lends a Hand to YOLANDA Victims

The strongest typhoon in world history unfortunately...Read more!

Philbiker Krugger

Philbiker Krugger

my Isabela (YBR125G) Awesome, Reliable, Comfortable, Superb, Quality, Good, and Effiecient... Read more!

Alejandro Barros

Alejandro Vicente Barros

mio soul ko subok ko na sa endurance ride, stock po eto... 1,200+km.... Read more!

Don Anjelo

Don Anjelo

‎"The Performance and Endurance never fail. Very good handling in tight corners and... Read more!

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