3S Royce Cabanatuan


Operator: Royce Motorcycle Trade Corp.
Address: Km. 112 Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City
Contact person: Mr. Ernesto Valdez, Branch Manager
Phone nos: (0929) 896-5020



3S Shop exterior

Yamaha 3S Shops can be distinguished by their exterior makeup. The two-storey building along Km. 112 on Maharlika Highway, boasts a spacious showroom and an ample parking space for its customers.

Showroom area

The spacious showroom area contains the motorcycle and apparel displays, catalogue racks, framed posters, and counters for interaction between customers and staff members of 3S Royce Cabanatuan.

Service area

The service area is an open section of the 3S Shop where customers' motorcycles are maintained and repaired. Beside the service area is the customer's lounge, a part of the showroom where customers wait in relative comfort, while their motorcycles undergo repair and maintenance.

Motorcycle displays

Yamaha motorcycles on display platforms are seen on strategic areas in the showroom. Beside each motorcycle model is a "spec stand", where most details on a certain motorcycle model can be found.


The management

Branch manager:
Mr. Ernestor Valdez
The Branch Manager is the head of the 3S Shop. He oversees its everyday operation, and ensures that all are well.

Service team & Parts section

Mr. Michael Guting (left)
Parts clerk:
Mr. Rodrigo Baldelomar (right)
The service team is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the customers' motorcycles.
Parts section personnel, on the other hand, are responsible for the sales and availability of Yamaha motorcycle spare parts.

Sales personnel

Documents clerk:
Ms. Marie Joy De Guzman (left)
Sales supervisor:
Ms. Mary Rose Diaz (right)
Sales personnel assist customers with their concerns and questions, regarding motorcycle purchase, installment plans, available motorcycle models, and others.

Collections team

Mr. Armando Liwag Jr. (left)
Ms. Millet Magtalag (center)
Credit & collection supervisor / Credit investigator:
Mr. Louiesito Salvador (right)
Sales personnel assist customers with their concerns, regarding motorcycle purchase, installment plans, available motorcycles, etc.

Other personnel

Driver / utility:
Mr. Leonard Gamit
Mr. Jerald Pilar


The Yamaha family was warmly accepted by the citizens of Cabanatuan City, along with its products. Yamaha is not only just a brand, it's a lifestyle. Fit for everyone. Here in Cabanatuan, the Yamaha lifestyle is really in the air. We don't just ride our motorcycles, we live with it. Everyday, every hour, every minute. Yamaha has been with us, side by side from the beginning.

And with its new AT technology, and with its new products, the Yamaha Mio and the Yamaha Nouvo, driving has never been this so much fun. It has became a lifestyle, a hobby and a friend. Not only with At but also with MT. The Yamaha Sniper, the Yamaha Crypton, the new Yamaha YBR and the latest of its arsenal, the Yamaha Vega. With Yamaha's distinctive features, performs best. Either driving in the city streets or in the province and even on or off-road, we can truly say that Yamaha is Exciting. And as the first 3S Shop opened here, many enthusiasts are now going in and out of our doorstep, bringing with them the Yamaha spirit. Not only bike enthusiasts but also the youth as well. Yamaha has become the hobby source of the youth today. Even with business, Yamaha has also produced a bike that meets the standards of operators and drivers as well. fuel efficiency, high performance and easy maintenance. That's the Yamaha STX - Super gas saver.

For many years, Yamaha has been constantly improving, analyzing and maintaining its thoughts, ideas and creations. And has gone to a whole new level. Until now, the Yamaha spirit is still burning bright, still touching our hearts. And truly, with Yamaha, We are all CHAMPIONS!!