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Team Mio Mx 125, Unparalleled Camaraderie For An Unparalleled A.T. Performance!

Social media is still somewhat of an enigma to most people. One of the biggest draws of social media marketing in general is the ability to help your message reach a huge audience of interested followers. The real benefits come when your fan base moves beyond a group of passive receivers and becomes engaged in the interactive community. It is through the powerful social media engine that Mio MX 125 was born.

By means of the powerful social media engine working for them, MCP (Motorcycle Club of the Philippines) created a Discussion Board in the forum section entitled "Yamaha Mio 125 MX” with numerous followers of their page showing interest on the said forum thus led to the creation of the Yamaha Mio 125 MX Facebook fan page on January 26, 2011. In a short span of time MX enthusiasts grew in numbers as it became an eminent fan page for MX owners. Members who came from different parts of NCR, Northern and Southern Luzon, some parts of Visayas and Mindanao from different walks of life had an easier and faster way of connecting. We are by far growing to this day. Resulting to the accomplishment of the group’s fan page as well as the successful rides and meet ups, Yamaha YZone and Megavia Nagtahan has acknowledged the group which is now recognized as Team Mio MX 125 – an exclusive group for Yamaha Mio Mx 125 owners.

Their aim is to promote motorcycle safety, instill road discipline and promoting camaraderie among its members and others. Members are reminded and strictly observe the “NO GEAR, NO RIDE” Policy - as this is essential in every rider in every ride. The group has been to several road trips in CALABARZON, Baguio, Tagaytay, Batangas, Bolinao and Dingalan among others. Their road trips promote and endorse Yamaha MX 125 to onlookers and the YAMAHA Motor Philippines as well.

Through the assistance of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) their team was able to organize a seminar which the officials of the said government agency themselves conducted. Among the topics discussed were road safety awareness as well as first aid and how to respond to an accident and mishaps.

"This club is exclusive for Yamaha Mio MX 125 owners who are willing to share their time and effort in making this an official and recognized club" was the campaign of the organizers of this group. Now that they are now recognized as TEAM Mio MX 125 they have come a long way. Furthermore the group does not only provide support and advise with regards to their comrades vehicles but has aided comrades who were victims of the recent storm surge and other natural calamities. Without a doubt this group has not only a heart for their motorcycles but a sentiment to others in need. This unfortunate event that had occurred to some team mates also inspired them even more to pursue their objective into making themselves a community oriented group as plans of an outreach also follows. These are ordinary people who started this team, who went about doing what they loved or believed in. Some shared their talent in design, created unique and head turning unit into a work of art; some of them felt they should help the unfortunate; others took the courageous ride to travel to roads less travelled. Each and everyone who are members of this team deserve hands up for their involvement to the achievements of TEAM Mio MX 125.

They have been blessed as they celebrate their First year Anniversary they have been privileged to be able to gather members from all parts of the region not only to show off their motorcycle units hence they have made a team that would change people’s outlook on owning motorcycles. Accountability does not end in purchasing a motorcycle but responsibility starts when you own one. To get around on land there’s the MIO MX 125 wherein travelling with it is a breeze, consequently it also entails responsibilities in driving and learning the rules of the road, as well as how to maintain your vehicle. Obstacles may have been faced in organizing this team nevertheless establishing a crew doesn’t end in consolidating one, it’s how you unite your members that matters the most. Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." Congratulations are in order for the hard work of all the organizers, officers and members as well in being a part of a one year journey for TEAM Mio MX 125.Like them on facebook www.facebook.com/mio125mx.

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