Motorcycle Lifestyle At Its Finest

The Yamaha 3S Shop
The 3S Shop is one stop shop that offers all the needs of a motorcycle buyer from sales, service to spare parts, while serving as a vehicle for Yamaha’s over-all vision. It is an essential part of the over-all plan to keep the loyalty of the customer to the brand. Buyers these days have such a wide range of choices and it can be overwhelming. The 3S Shop seeks to promote owning a motorcycle as a choice and a lifestyle, and buying a Yamaha motorcycle means that a customer has chosen to be part of a larger culture.
We Understand Our Customer’s Needs
Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. recognized the need for a better motorcycle shop in the Philippines. Designed to focus on the requirements of the changeable market, our goal is to deliver excellent and consistent service. The 3S shops strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible to the client by providing a place that raises its standards. Small gestures, like cleanliness and giving courteous service, are just a few of the things customers will encounter at a typical 3S shop.
We Offer Quality-Assured Products
The sales personnel will be on-call and knowledgeable on all things Yamaha, from assistance on various motorcycle models, the manufacturers’ specifications, the types of options and financing available, and warranty claims. The showroom is a clean, comfortable area showcasing Yamaha’s latest motorcycles. The lounge is well appointed – a place where customers can relax, watch TV, read newspapers and magazines, and can surf the web at high speeds for free.
We Are Committed To Serve
The service bay provides the latest in motorcycle technology repairs, for both Yamaha and non-Yamaha brands. The technicians and mechanics are not only courteous, but they are well trained and constantly adapt to ever-changing needs of the customers. They are well versed in motorcycle service and continually refine their knowledge in order to provide the best service possible for customers.
We Guarantee Genuine Spare Parts and Accessories
All motorcycle spare parts and accessories are guaranteed Yamaha Genuine parts. The knowledgeable staff at the 3S Shop will ensure that customers will get exactly what they need, as they are well informed on the technical details of standard and ptional parts available on motorcycle models.