Mio 125 MX

Mio 125MX

In response to the wide cycle popularity of the Yamaha Mio series, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. conceptualized a breakthrough addition to the family in the form of the Yamaha Mio MX. This new automatic (AT) transmission commuter is powered by a liquid-cooled, four stroke, 125cc engine, in a compact bodywith interesting design elements. Developed with a product concept of "unparalleled AT performance," the MIO MX assures of lively and sporty running job on any given situation. Apart from the high compression engine it is installed with a BS-type carburator with throttle position sensor, and front and rear suspensions with abundant stroke settings. it also carries Yamaha's neo-technologies - the DiASil cylinder and forged piston.

The Mio MX design concept is a combination of sharpness and sportiness expected of a contemporary AT model. It features a body bulkier and more aero dynamic than its predecessors, topped with a uniquely designed twin headlights, position lamps and meter panel. The intake system also ensures optimum space efficiency with its 12.8L underseat storage which is large enough to hold half-face helmet.