Posted on Febuary 15, 2018




Yamaha Motor Philippines presents its We Are Mio campaign led by the number one AT, the MIO. The cultivation of the riding culture continues by representing these motorcycles as the vessel of today. On the MIO, you are ageless, forever young, always trending, and the fun never stops!


Also introduced were Yamaha’s newest ambassadors, the Miollennials. Each one represents a character and a lifestyle that riders can familiarize with. They are BoyBandPH for the all new Mio Sporty, Matteo Guidicelli for the Mio Aerox 155, Drew Arellano for the Mio Soul I 125, and Nadine Lustre for the Mio I 125. The campaign was officially introduced on February 14 which was a perfect display for the love of riding. It was debuted at the newly minted Yamaha Monuments station where the entire facility was covered in the Mio Be Unstoppable theme. Yamaha also had its own dedicated Yamaha train with the Miollennials on its façade. During the grand launch, Drew Arellano greeted enthusiasts of the MIO and BoyBandPH put on a show for everyone in attendance.


Yamaha’s message to everyone is clear. It’s time to be movers,makers, and fearless doers. Be unstoppable with the Yamaha MIO.