March 23-25, 2018






It’s that time of the year again for the biggest bike fest in the country and Yamaha was ready to give an unforgettable show. The annual exhibition draws all kinds of motorcycle lovers and that’s what Yamaha is all about; offering a product for every rider. This year’s edition of the Yamaha Motor Show prided itself in bringing machines to life with innovative technology and the passionate human touch. A display of how you can own the future with Yamaha.


Wrapped in a solid white fabric, the Yamaha booth was shielded in the early going. With a spectacle shrouded in mystery, it quickly drew a crowd of onlookers eagerly waiting to see what was behind the curtain.


Yamaha executives were called onto a platform where a digital hand print scanner was embedded on the booth cover. As they reached out their hand, the exhibit was quickly and seamlessly revealed. How advanced was this structure? It had A.V.A. which stood for Autonomous Visual Avatar, an artificial program that co-hosted the programs. A symbol of the importance of man and machine in harmony.


The showcase had it all. Performance and sophistication with the MAX series consisting of the TMAX, NMAX, and highlighted by brand new the XMAX. The power of emotion was unleashed with the Big Bikes that ignited passion in every turn with the MT-07 and MT-09, XSR 900, Tracer 900, SR 400, YZF R6 and YZF R1.


Yamaha debuted a technology that altered the course of riding. History was made with the development of the MOTOROiD, Yamaha’s most futuristic concept motorcycle to date.

It was a feat of human and mechanical ingenuity that was demonstrated to everyone. The image recognition AI uses machine learning algorithms for facial and gesture recognition functions. It recognizes its owner’s face and from there the movement is controlled through simple hand gestures. It can move forward, backward, turn in every direction, and stop without being physically handled. The Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES), is a technology that stabilizes 2-wheeled motorcycles using electronic active controls to optimize the vehicle’s posture and prevent it from falling.


The Yamaha Club unveiled ‘Tour De Rev’ an adventure that will take advanced riders across the nation. It is divided into 3 major areas of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Interested members can easily sign up on, sponsored by Petron Corporation, Customer Care Products Inc., Racing Boy, Motoworld, and Universal Rubina Corporation.

Mr. Robbie Malapitan was honored during the exhibit for his record breaking Yamaha 129Km/L finish in the recent fuel efficiency challenge using the Yamaha Sight. He rode a 200-kilometer, 6-hour route and topped the competition and was the best in the class of 100cc-150cc displacements.

It was also a showcase of Yamaha’s newest campaign ‘We are Mio’, a culture created to represent the youthful vibe of being unstoppable with the MIO. The number 1 automatic motorcycles are partnered with the Miollennials, the Mio Aerox 155 with Matteo Guidicelli. Nadine Lustre and BoybandPH arrived at the exhibit booth to give an unforgettable performance. Nadine rode the MIO i 125 from the entrance all the way to the display area to the delight of the crowd. Tristan, Ford, Russell, Niel, and Joao, who represented the all new MIO Sporty, provided the fun and energy with their amazing voices and dance routine. The message the Miollennials sent was clear, continue to be passionate, be fearless, and be unstoppable.
After 3 days of the Bike Fest, Yamaha once again leaves its mark at the world of Philippine motorcycling. Inspiring in every way, often imitated, but never duplicated.


The Millennial Rev, Own the Future with Yamaha.