April 11, 2019





March 23, 2019 Aiming to spread first-class service, Yamaha and New Nemar partnered to open Revzone Lipa Designed after the Yamaha Flagship shop, the YZone; the store offers state-of-the-art amenities combined with a spacious and luxurious setting. It offers modern conveniences for customers and features the brand’s different motorcycle categories highlighted by the Yamaha Big bikes. There is also a lounge area for guests while meeting rooms are located on the second floor. The service area has a straightforward design that shows how your motorcycle is serviced by the mechanics.


The grand launch started with a ceremony between the partnering companies headed by YMPH President, Toru Osugi and New Nemar representatives. The occasion was made extra special with the attendance of two former YMPH Presidents. Mr. Yoshiaki Takeda and Mr. Takeshi Yano were both instrumental in the growth of Yamaha in the Philippines alongside New Nemar since their first shop opened in 2008.


In the evening, the Yamaha Big Bike Night was the continuation of the celebration. Yamaha riders and enthusiasts were invited to this exclusive gathering to share their joy for riding and a new home for Yamaha Motorcycles. Hosted by the MYX VJ, Ai Dela Cruz, the night was filled with raffle prizes that ignites the urge or every rider to participate in the celebration.


Yamaha wants every Filipino to be within reach of their facility that offers services that are of Global standard. Now that revzones continue to be built across the Philippines, Yamaha’s brand of service is just around the corner for every Filipino. Giving the best experience is the top priority and Yamaha will always offer that virtue.