October 10, 2019




HCMC, September 27th, 2019 – Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. celebrates the 5th anniversary of the introduction of BLUE CORE engines and Asean Blue Core Touring with the message "Less Gas-More Power", marking the development achievements of the new BLUE CORE engine with modern technology of Yamaha scooter.

Developing based on the aim to give the exciting moments for customer, Yamaha has always pursued the development of the new engines equipped on daily moving motorcycle in the city. In 2014, Yamaha proudly introduced the first generation of BLUE CORE engine with 3 main points: (1) Enhancing combustion efficiency of fuel mixture, (2) Reducing power consumption, and (3) Control the fuel source. This new generation of engines aims to create the perfect balance between fuel efficiency, engine power, environmental friendliness as well as high applicability on many vehicles and the ability to adapt the conditions. Thanks to the ability to save 50% more fuel than the old generation engine, smooth and durable operation, compact design, and user-friendliness, the BLUE CORE engine is the heart of Yamaha scooter. It helps to bring the exciting experience to rider.

After 5 years of development, the BLUE CORE engine has achieved remarkable achievements by becoming one of the leading technologies applied on Yamaha's new generation scooters. Based on the philosophy of BLUE CORE engine to create an "the excellent engine", in 2018, Yamaha Motor Vietnam officially upgraded and comprehensive innovation of BLUE CORE engine compared to the previous generation. The new BLUE CORE engine uses an air-cooled system, with reduced engine weight of 840g thanks to the Smart Motor Generator for smooth starting, quieter, strong acceleration and optimal fuel economy.
New Blue Core Engine

• In 2014, BLUE CORE 125cc engine using air-cooling system was first applied on Yamaha Grande to mark the development of new technology on Yamaha scooters. This engine also apply on Acruzo in 2015 and Janus in 2016. • In 2016, Yamaha continued to upgrade and apply the BLUE CORE 155cc engine and the liquid-cooled on the NVX scooter, targeting the male customers who love the strength and favorite sporty style, dynamic. In particular, the engine is equipped with the variable valve actuation (VVA) for smooth and powerful acceleration. • In 2018, the New Grande is equipped with new Blue Core engine and Hybrid system for a more enjoyable ride. In addition, the engine's standalone weight has been reduced by 840g which in turn contributes to the chassis' light weight and fuel saving. After that Yamaha continues to make noise when applying the new generation BLUE CORE 125cc engine (the 2nd generation) on FreeGo and Latte in 2019. • In 2019, the Yamaha BLUE CORE engine has achieved remarkable achievements by becoming one of the leading technologies applied on Yamaha's new generation scooters

After 20 years, Yamaha has become one of the leading brands in the motorcycle industry in Vietnam, especially 5-year milestone of launching BLUE CORE engine has proved the outstanding advantages of the engine as well as the customer acceptance for BLUE CORE in particular and the new generation Yamaha scooters in general. To mark the 5-year milestone of the launch and development of the new generation BLUE CORE engine, Yamaha Motor Vietnam organizes the ASEAN BLUE CORE TOURING journey with the message "Less Gas-More Power". Accordingly, the riders will use the new generation of Yamaha scooters including Grande, Latte, FreeGo, Janus and NVX to experience and explore the different terrains, as well as affirming the outstanding power and performance of BLUE CORE engines on the new Yamaha scooters.

The BLUE CORE TOURING journey is divided into 2 stages:

• Stage 1: Blue Core Touring in Vietnam

5 groups, each group of 10 members are professional riders, they ride the new generation scooter which equipped with BLUE CORE engine. 5 groups will start from 5 cities including Hanoi, Da Nang, Dak Lak, Ca Mau and gathered in Ho Chi Minh City. The journey takes place from September 23rd to September 26th .

• Stage 2: Asean Blue Core Touring

The best riders of Asean Blue Core Touring Vietnam will use new generation scooters using BLUE CORE engine of Yamaha to explore 5 countries in Asean. The departure ceremony take place on September 27th, starting from Vietnam to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and ending on October 9th in Philippines.