February 07, 2019






January 25, 2019 As the new year starts, another adventure begins with the Yamaha Campus Roadshow at Dumaguete.
People who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle are getting younger. This fact is seen on the streets of the Philippines and educating the youth to be responsible riders is needed. As a part of the We Are Mio Campaign, the Yamaha Campus Roadshow begins with the advocacy to spread awareness on riding safely.


The two-day event happened at the Foundation University. On the first day, Yamaha Safe Riding Science Program was conducted with selected students. They were taught about the basics of motorcycle safety and handling. They learned to put on the proper gears, riding positions, proper throttling, braking and turning. At first, those who had no knowledge in riding felt uncertain of the skills that they were about to achieve but in the end, with their determination and effort of the instructors. They didn’t just learn how to ride a bike but also found out the importance of believing in yourself.


In the morning of the second day, a collaborative project of Yamaha and Foundation University was held in Batinguel Elementary School. The activity was called Yamaha Unstoppable Care in which students received school supplies such as bags, notebooks, pencils, etc.

In the afternoon, the Yamaha Campus Roadshow featured “#WeAreUnstoppable: Ride to Discovery”, a play that showcased the MIO lifestyle to students. Special guests Joyce Pring, Matteo Guidicelli, and TJ Monterde each shared an inspirational talk about the difficulties of college life. They talked about building up your self-esteem because being a college student you need to go out to your comfort zone without breaking your life principles. The topic of finding the art of what you love to do was also tackled since college life is where the turning points happen, it is important to have goals based on your passion. The last topic was the significance of having a healthy mind considering that college is where the pressure in the academe lies and students are vulnerable to the factors that could trigger their breakdown.


The first leg of Yamaha Campus Roadshow is beyond unstoppable and the adventure continues in Bacolod.