July 25, 2019





JULY 26, 2019 Yamaha Motor Philippines pioneered the automatic motorcycle in the Philippines and has since then been the number one choice of riders when it comes to that category. Being number one in that area since starting in 2007 wasn’t an instant or overnight wonder. It’s dedication daily, from sunrise to sunset. The brand works hard to deliver the best to their customers, to rev hearts of every Filipino.

That’s why with their newest campaign was drawn from their own history with Yamaha MIO. Being number 1 or the pursuit of being number one is all about doing your best with pure passion. And that’s what Yamaha wants their riders to feel with the Yamaha MIO. That no matter what they love to do, they can be the best at it. Because the Yamaha MIO unleashes the #1 in everyone.


The grand launch of the campaign was done through the first ever Yamaha Media Con in the Director’s Club in S Maison at Conrad Manila. The invite only affair brought together media guests who were the first to meet the newest MIO ambassadors that would join Matteo Guidicelli, who has been the face of the MIO Aerox since 2017. They will also experience the newest TVC of the Yamaha MIO on the big screen.


Seated on comfortable La-Z boy seats inside the theatre, guests watched the Yamaha MIO – for the number one in everyone campaign video that brings together Matteo Guidicelli with singer-songwriter extraordinaire TJ Monterde, World-Class supermodel Maureen Wroblewitz, and International Gaming-Cosplay Icon Alodia Gosiengfiao.


TJ represents the MIO sporty, the AT that gives you a remix of limitless fun. Perfect for a new you. For him, its design complements his lifestyle of a musician, picturing himself with a guitar on his back as he rides. He also expressed the ease of weaving through traffic with a motorcycle which will help his daily trips from his home in Munoz to his workplace.

Maureen, the beacon of beauty for the MIO i125, takes a ride during her downtimes away from the catwalk.  She tackled a stereotypical view about riding for women; which is negative imagery on a motorcycle. She expressed that riding doesn’t make women any less feminine and you can look cool and beautiful at the same time. She asked women to believe in their best selves and riding makes them more of what they already are.

Alodia, who is an industry phenomenon and often seen as different types of characters when she cosplays. On the MIO Soul i125 she looks and feels like a superhero. She talked about the similarities of riding and gaming. That every game you play is fun and your character evolves through the adventure. Just like in riding, her experience with the MIO inspired her to become a better rider.


Yamaha has been number one in the AT category since 2007 and show no sign of slowing down. This campaign focuses on the potential of every rider to be the best at what they love. The ambassadors represent being number one in their own industry. For Yamaha, being at the top isn’t the goal. It’s inspiring others to believe that they too, can do the same.


The Yamaha MIO is available in all Rev Zones, 3S Shops, and multi-brand stores nationwide.


Get your own Yamaha MIO and unleash the number one in you.