Make way for a revolutionary street machine that overflows with ultimate dynamism, originality and masculinity with intense craftsmanship among all other rivals. The FZ16 takes attention away from others as it hits the road on a raging peek of extreme excitement and envious bragging rights. This high quality masterpiece with vast and precise degree of perfection is without doubt a rage for the next generation.

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Rear Fender

"Longer and Wider Rear Fender"

A longer and wider rear fender exclusively made to guard the rider from mud and water splashes.
Front Fork

“Compact Black Front Fork”

The Black front fork gives a more compact look to its lower part aesthetics, giving a more striking appeal to its entire body.
Chain Protector

"New Chain Protector"

The new chain protector prevents unnecessary objects from getting blocked in the chain.

"Longer and Wider Pillion Seat”

More spacious seat provides a more convenient riding experience. The seat is longer and is especially designed for back seat riderís comfort.
Meter Panel

"Trendy Meter Console"

The meters on the FZ16 are installed in a Full Liquid Crystal Display and are set in finest position to keep the field of vision clear. The engine starting signal is an example of the spirit of innovation.
Grab Bar

“New Grab Bar”

The grab bar is purposely made not only as a backrest but also aims to provide convenience to the back seat rider especially during rough ride.



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