Rule the Future - From the pioneer of the exceptional automatic motorcycles, comes another breakthrough in surpassing the extreme standards on style, performance and technological innovation. MX and FI – Two great advancements that were pioneered by Yamaha Motor, combined to produce a new phase in motorcycle evolution that dictates the future of AT.

An intelligent Fuel Supply System that has an ECU that calculates injection duration and timing based on received signals from sensors. It can highly adjust on changing engine operation environmental conditions and is known to be fuel efficient, quickly responsive and eco-friendly.

Comparing to standard F.I., YMJET-F.I. provides more oxygen and produces very fine particles of fuel thus creates better atomization even at cold engine and good combustion even at a low speed.

MX technology is the benchmark of the outstanding innovation in motorcycles pioneered by Yamaha that makes the motorcycle perform at its best under all kinds of conditions, assures stability in different range of speed and provides comfortable feel in acceleration that contributes in maintaining stable engine quality

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Color Variations:

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Vivid Orange Metallic
Blue Metallic
Black Metallic


Aerodynamic Cover Design
Large Capacity Luggage
Mascular and Sporty Muffler
Sporty Striping & Dynamic Color
After Burner Jet Tail Lamp
Sporty CAsting Wheel & Colored Pin Stripes
Monocross inspired Suspension
Smart Stand Switch

Technical Specification:

Technical Specification:


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