The Yamaha Factory Team celebrated another victory at the San Mig Coffee Underbone King Championships last Sunday, July 13, 2008.

The Crypton Z and Sniper 135 of the Yamaha Factory Team takes over the Carmona racing track overshadowing all their competitors with discipline, hard work and a real sense of knowledge on racing mechanics.

The Crypton Z was highly praised on its big finish at the 115cc category of the UBK Championships. The Crypton Z is a popular model for racing at ASEAN countries and it was able to get the best lap time for this race.

After its recent win at the 12-Hour Endurance Race last month, the Sniper 135 takes on another challenge at the UBK Championships by proving that its stock engine is still better compared to upgraded 150cc motorcycles.

Crypton Z on Its Circuit Racing Debut in the Philippines

The 115cc Petron Sports Production was dominated by Jeff Chan also from the Yamaha Factory Team. He cruised down the track with a very comfortable lead from team mate Mark Barcial.

“Ngayon kaya naming sagarin yung makina dahil nan dyan yung Yamaha para sumoporta.” (“Today, we can push the machines to its full capacity because Yamaha is there to support us”) said Chan. Chan believes that his Crypton Z can compete at the 125cc races based on its performance.

The Yamaha Factory Team with
YMPH President Yoshiaki Takeda

Winning Trophies

YMPH Mechanics double-check
the motorcycles as spectators and
Team General Manager Mr. Yano look on.

Sniper 135cc Knockouts 150cc Bikes

Jaime “Chief” Barcial’s attributed the win due to changing the strategy by using stock engine. “Noong una lagi akong talo dito sa Carmona dahil overpower yung bike na ginagamit ko lagi” (Before, I always fail to win here in Carmona of my overpowered bike) said Barcial, “Kaya nag-desisyon ako na stock ang gamitin kong bike” (That’s why I decided to use stock engine bike this time) Jaime Barcial enjoyed a very good lead at the 150cc Open Class followed by Maico Buncio at third place.

Buncio redeemed himself by collecting two champion cups from the 125cc Open Class and 125cc Super Stock.

“Other teams used highly-modified bikes but we decided to go with a slightly modified Sniper 135 engine” said Rodney Bersamina, Yamaha Factory Team Manager “Trusting the capability of our engines proved to be a very good decision.”


No. Name Manufacturer Laps Best Tm Gap In Lap Total Tm
11 Jeff Chan Yamaha 10 52.624 - 6 8:38.944
111 Mark Barcial Yamaha 10 52.923 +8.451 4 8:47.395
26 Mark Doblada Suzuki 10 53.773 +3.767 6 8:51.162
7 Armando Canare Yamaha 10 52.624 +0.527 10 8:51.689
52 Anthony Roman Yamaha 10 53.432 +1.381 10 8:53.070
17 Fernando Masato Yamaha 10 53.639 +0.511 10 8:53.581
No. Name Manufacturer Laps Best Tm Gap In Lap Total Tm
46 Jaime Barcial Yamaha 10 50.388 - 3 8:22.944
21 Johnlery Enriquez Suzuki 10 50.409 +0.807 4 8:23.751
129 Maico Buncio Yamaha 10 50.111 +0.889 7 8:24.640
3 Jolet Jao Suzuki 10 51.939 +23.127 2 8:47.767
168 Noel De Mesa Yamaha 4 52.788 6 LAPS 2 3:27.697
17 Masato Fernando Yamaha 3 52.565 1 LAP 2 2:36.088
  • Jeff Chan on a comfortable lead with teammate Mark Barcial on second at the 115cc Petron Superstock.

  • Jaime Barcial on the number 1 spot, Maico Buncio at third.

  • Maico Buncio and Jaime Barcial after the grueling 150CC Open.

  • (L-R) Mr. Takeshi Yano, Team General Manager, Mr. Atsushi Suzuki, Team Adviser and YMPH President Yoshiaki Takeda check final results.

  • Jeff Chan wins the 115CC Super Stock.

  • UBK 150CC Champion Jaime Barcial flanked by Maico Buncio and Johnlerry Enriquez.