20 November 2020


The digital tournament keeps the competitive spirit alive while the racetracks are unavailable.

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. commitment to racing was at an all-time high with 3 Filipino racers competing in the ARRC after a stellar season that saw McKinley Kyle Paz bringing home the Championship in the UB150 category. But when the season came to a standstill it was imperative to make sure racing fans of Yamaha still got a taste of competition.

A team up to remember

The tournament put together McKinley Kyle Paz with Andrei Reyes and Motodeck , Masato Fernando with Dustin Esguerra and Kaisaya, Kerwinn Chang with Leeandro Paredes and Ella Cruz. The Team Captains will lead the way for their teams in this 7-round competition.

More than a video game tournament

Playing games are always fun and this tournament won’t be any different except the prize after crossing the finish line. The purse for each round will be donated to the H.E.R.O Foundation and additional contributions from sponsors will bring the total sum to one million pesos. During this time a helping hand is always needed, and this race is not just for entertainment, it’s for a cause.

Everyone can join the race and bring home a prize

The teams aren’t the only ones competing. Because viewers who watch the race can participate in the digital mini games where they can win special items from the sponsors. Minor raffle segments awarded 10 winners for each sponsor (7) for a total of 70. The Major Raffle segment gave seven lucky viewers (one per sponsor) the top prize for the night. Viewers qualified for the Major Raffle draw by screen capturing the sponsor segment and posting it on their page with the hashtags #YAMAHARACEYOURCAUSE #YAMAHAPH #(SPONSORNAME)

Round 1 off to a rousing start

The first round of the Yamaha Racing Arena started on November 18 which was viewed online by audiences. Hosted by Rico Robles, it was a fun but albeit competitive atmosphere during the tournament proper. Kyle Paz showcasing why he is set to become an international staple in racing with a dominant run. The ARRC UB150 Champion was nearly unmatched in the entire race with no other player coming close to his number one spot. The battle for the 2nd and 3rd spots were furious between Kerwin Chang, Motodeck, and Leeandro Paredes. But a late stumble pushed Paredes down to 5th place leaving the other 2 podium spots to the other players.

With 2 Players from Team Kyle finishing at the podium, their team is at the top with 50pts. They are followed by Team Kerwin with 39 Points and Team Masato with 30pts. This is only round 1 of the Yamaha Racing Arena and anything can happen in the following rounds. The race continues only on the Yamaha Facebook Page, follow the season and see who will claim the championship in the first ever digital tournament presented by Yamaha.




November 18, 2020 (Wed)


November 22, 2020 (Sun)


November 29, 2020 (Sun)


December 6, 2020 (Sun)


December 13, 2020 (Sun)


December 20, 2020 (Sun)


December 27, 2020 (Sun)

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