22 May 2021

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The new Sniper155 and Sniper155R is a combination of racing excellence, metropolitan ingenuity, and superior control of your ride. With greater acceleration, light and agile handling, it is styled after the YZF-R1 while in keeping with the Sniper legacy.

The refined design is equipped with an upgraded performance package and complementary lifestyle features for the racetrack and city roads.

Experience the difference, feel superiority in your hands, and ride above the rest.



155cc Fuel-injected engine (Upgraded Feature)
It has a liquid-cooled 155cc SOHC 4-valve fuel-injected engine with model specific settings. It also has a 4.6-liter air cleaner box resonator with optimized specifications. Its ample volume contributes to linear response when the throttle is opened and closed. These result in strong acceleration from a stop and excellent performance at high speeds.

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)
Allows smooth riding in both low rpm range and at high speeds. There are two cams that drive the intake valves: one for the low and mid-rpm and one for high rpm. These are switched between depending on riding conditions. The intake valves used at high rpm are open longer, increasing intake efficiency and raising the overall performance.

Exhaust system layout
Both the exhaust pipe and muffler are designed for power output across the entire rpm range, but to also reduce noise. To quicken catalyzation in the catalytic converter, it is positioned closer to the tail end of the exhaust pipe inside the muffler to better use the high temperature of the exiting exhaust.

Assist & Slipper Clutch (A&S)
This reduces clutch lever load, eases the machine’s behavior during downshifts and contributes to a more comfortable ride. It is comprised of an assist cam and a slipper cam, and is the same system used in models like the YZF-R1 and YZF-R15.

6-speed transmission
A 6-speed transmission is adopted to reduce the feeling of a busy engine at higher rpm, lower noise levels, and improve fuel economy.

New lightweight frame
A newly designed backbone frame with an excellent balance of strength and rigidity is adopted to achieve both a feeling of stability at mid- to high-range speeds and maneuverability in tight, low-speed maneuvers.

Fuel tank
A large 5.4-liter fuel tank in tandem with the fuel-efficient engine allows you to ride farther and longer.

Sports Style seat
The seat offers a good grip, is slip-resistant and provides excellent ride comfort. The shape of the area that contacts the rider’s inner thighs has been carefully shaped and offers easy leg reach to the ground. The Sniper 155R edition features a special material and stitching.

Individual ignition timing maps for each gear
This feature efficiently draws out the power of the VVA-equipped engine. A first for a Yamaha moped. The maps switch when the VVA system is active or inactive and there are separate maps for low speeds and high speeds. This makes the engine easy to use when in gear at low speeds, but also provides lasting pull at higher speeds.

Separate high/low-beam LED headlight
The low beam light is mounted to the handlebar assembly which allows the headlight to shine in the same direction as the handlebars, while the high beams are built into the body. This layout is a first for Yamaha and gives the high beams excellent dispersion

Negative LCD instrument panel
The full LCD multi-function instrument panel displays a speedometer, tachometer, gear indicator, VVA indicator, and other information in a compact arrangement. The angle of the panel itself has also been optimized to suit the riding position for better readability.

Smart Key system (SNIPER155R Exclusive)
The Sniper 155R features a Smart Key system. When the rider carries the Smart Key, the machine detects the rider and allows the engine to be started with a simple turn of the knob. It also has an answer-back function to help find its current position.

Front brake with 2-pot caliper (SNIPER155R Exclusive)
The front brake employs a 245 mm disc to ensure excellent stopping power.

12V DC power socket (SNIPER155R Exclusive)
Provides access for the rider to recharge their digital devices.