05 July 2021


June 28, 2021 - Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. has always supported student-athletes in their endeavors of reaching success in their respective sport. As the NCAA returned for its 96th season after a league wide postponement due to the pandemic, Yamaha was quick to pledge its support to the institution. Bannering this sports season is the recently launched Yamaha Mio lineup with “Own the Culture” as its theme which represents uniqueness and boldness. A collective of riders who have outstanding personalities have created their own MIO culture, one that is completely and exclusively their own. Just like how these athletes are blazing their own path that defines who they are as competitors and each school creating their own winning culture.

Yamaha is no stranger to competition and performing at a high level. In fact, Yamaha Motor Philippines has recently produced the first ever Filipino racer to compete at the Moto2 level in McKinley Kyle Paz; and has made champions that compete on an international level and dominate local competition. It continues to offer machines that are cutting edge in performance and efficiency. It is no different to realizing the peak athletic potential of those competing in the NCAA.

The season will adhere to all health and safety protocols but more importantly showcase the passion of the 10-member schools to continue their resilience during this new normal. This mirrors Yamaha’s enthusiasm of moving forward even in this hardest of times. Because no matter the challenge this partnership demonstrates that we can all rise, stronger towards a better tomorrow, when we do it together.