13-14 August 2022

Sun rays and beach waves in CEBU!

August 13-14, 2022 – Camping off your motorcycle can be part of your bucket list as a two-wheel rider and Yamaha is back on its Mio Gear Moto Campground! Exploring the queen city of the South; Cebu riders, media partners, and moto vloggers joined the tough and fun adventure in Durhan White Beach. In this exclusive camping, riders were tested to show off their ready-to-play attitude with their own Mio Gear motorcycle.

Off and onshore motocamping exploration, how tough Cebuano riders are?

Motocamping quenches the thirst for one’s exploration; giving a balanced amount of excitement and toughness along the way, every rider must know where they want to go and which motorcycle completes an adventure. Yamaha Mio Gear is created to traverse the rugged city with a design that heightens the rider’s toughness. It also has a built-in advantage and functional features that give riding confidence on the road, and even off the metro.

From the full-of-life city and buildings of Cebu, the participants traveled for hours to reach the picture-perfect shore of Durhan. At the campsite, the scenic view of the white beach welcomes the riders after a long ride. But the sense of relaxation turned into a competition when the battleground started. The beach battleground tested the participants’ endurance, toughness, and speed proving that they have a ready-to-play attitude. Completing the fun onshore, Yamaha also prepared activities such as beach volleyball, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

Another campsite is unlocked! Where to go next?

Yamaha’s weekend was well spent with the riders, media partners, and vloggers who shared the same interest in exploring the new playground. Now that the second leg of the Mio Gear Moto Campground has finally happened in the Visayas region, Yamaha is onto the next camping chapter, seeking more fun and challenging avenue in the Philippines.

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