Mega Torque

“The pinnacle of powerful torque mastered in every MT engine.”

MT-01 1600cc V-Twin 2005
Heritage is an understatement

“The MT-01, which was introduced on the European market in 2005, was another one of Yamaha's flagship models inspired by a unique concept. The overwhelming pulse of its 1670 cc V-twin engine, along with quality construction down to the smallest detail, drew rave reviews, and the bike succeeded in developing a new segment of enthusiasts, who approach riding a motorcycle as a refined form of enjoyment.”

Kodo : Soul Beat

“This model is based on the original 1999 "Kodo = MT-01" concept, Kodo being the Japanese word for ‘heartbeat’. The MT-01 has also been developed around the key words "Soul Beat V-twin Sports". It was built for riders to feel every beat of the engine as if it was their own heart.”

darkside of japan

Dark Side of Japan

“The MT World takes you beyond your normal roads and into a vibrant culture where your innermost passions come to life. This is where you embrace the unconventional and let your dark side come to life. Be shrouded from the norms of society, ride with the shadow of freedom, and live unhinged; this is the Dark Side of Japan.”

“Enter the Darkness”

“Enter the Darkness”

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