Frequently Asked Questions

The Y-Connect application from Yamaha allows riders to link with their Yamaha Motorcycles that have CCU (Communication Control Unit) Technology on their smart phone. This gives them access to various features and information that elevates their riding experience.
The Y-Connect application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple Store (Apple).
The main advantages of the Y-Connect application on the CCU (Communication Control Unit) device technology are:

1. Parking location
- The Y-Connect application will save the last parking location where the motorcycle was disconnected from the smartphone.

2. Telephone, email, and message notifications
- Provides notification on the speedometer screen when a call or message / email comes to the smartphone.

3. Maintenance recommendations
- Helping users to get the real condition of engine oil and battery voltage (battery) and provide recommendations for maintenance.

4. Fuel consumption
- Helps users analyze current fuel consumption

5. Malfunction Notification
- Provides notification via the Y-Connect application and email if there is a problem with the motorcycle.

6. Revs Dashboard
- Displays data such as engine rotation throttle opening angle, acceleration, economical driving.
For complete information about the application, please click Y-connect.
1. The App icon & Smartphone Battery Indicator will be appeared on the speedometer.
2. The words “CONNECTED” will be appeared on the Home page of the Y-Connect application
Not limited, but only 1 smartphone that can be connected at a time. (The last person on the motorcycle)
Not limited, but only 1 at time. (The last person on the motorbike)
No, Y-Connect requires internet connection to be used.
CCU components / devices are included in special electrical engineering, so they are guaranteed for 2 years by Yamaha.
If the CCU is damaged, consumers can have it replaced at an authorized Yamaha shop, then set up a CCU replacement on Y-Connect. Further information can be read in the owner's manual or ask a Yamaha technician.
Estimated condition of battery & EG oil will be incorrect. It is highly recommended to reset the EG oil or battery indicator on the Y-Connect application, for a more precise estimate of battery & oil conditions
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It will remain linked if there is internet connection and the Bluetooth is still on / active and not connected to other devices.
No, the Revs Dashboard data and parking location only appear on smartphones that are currently connected to the motorcycle's CCU, while smartphones that are not connected only display the latest data from the smartphone connected to the motorcycle (CCU).
No. The CCU can only be installed on Yamaha motorcycles that are officially using the CCU.
Y-Connect Technical Support is now live and you may call us at this hotline: 02-7755-7350 or 09178166708, Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM EST.
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