YZONE Flagship Shop

The new YZONE was opened on January 30, 2016 after a move from its former location in Ortigas. This was no mere change of location; this was a reinvention of Yamaha’s Flagship shop which has transformed into the country’s newest and most exciting motorcycle hub.

A beautiful façade welcomes the customers upon their arrival and with wide glass windows giving them a glimpse of what’s inside. Once you go through the doors, you will immediately have access to the world’s finest innovations. This spacious facility houses Yamaha’s best products, machines that apply to every lifestyle. Experience service that is at par with global standards as the Yzone staff is ready to take you on a journey of Yamaha’s greatest creations.

Yamaha always had its own design philosophy, an art form that encompasses all its products around the world which also includes its facilities. Refined Dynamism is the artistic reasoning behind the brand’s blueprint. It’s the harmony between mechanical structure and the human perspective. The store is embedded with multiple elements that complement each other, making the in-store experience better than ever. This harmony goes beyond the structure; it gives customers an immediate connection that allows them to truly feel “Revs your Heart”.


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The YZone is now bigger, making it one of the biggest Yamaha flagship shops in the world.

The Yamaha Runway – A luxurious special area where Yamaha models will be displayed. A natural yet high quality atmosphere will be created by the daylight from the ceiling space and skylights.

Big Bike Zone – Each model will have its own display booth with a small lounge that represents its own unique world view

Commuter Zone – A spacious are where customers can freely explore between the different Yamaha products. There are tables for customers where they may discuss about the different products with Yamaha personnel. The large counter fits the Sales, Parts, and Cashier. The spare parts storage is visibly seen for customers to know that only the highest quality items will be offered to them. The waiting area is cozily designed between the showroom and the service area where customers can see their motorcycle being serviced while having full view of the showroom. Café & Gallery – The Café will cater to both riders and non-riders making it the ultimate leisure spot for any visitor of the YZone. It is also a place where guests will see Yamaha memorabilia to have glimpse of what the company is all about and its different achievements.

Meeting Rooms – There is a multi-purpose room available for use and a club meeting room for Yamaha Club riders. A sophisticated and comfortable space that can be used as a gathering area for any motorcycle related activity.

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Call Center Hotline : 8470-1995

Email : YZONE_customercare@yamaha-motor.com.ph

Facebook Account : YZone Flagship Shop PH


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*Installment (Partnership with Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation)


To make Y-Zone a profitable 3S shop constantly striving to meet or exceed customer expectations and maintaining good work atmosphere while serving as a model to other dealers and a successful marketing laboratory to them.


A leader in providing good service for customers, Excellent operational practices, Good working environment and role model 3S shop.

YZONE Flagship Shop

YZONE Flagship Shop is located at Unit 1, The Portal, Sto. Cristo

Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City


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Official Business hours:

Monday to Saturday 09:30 am to 05:30 pm


Service hours:

Monday to Saturday (08:00am - 6:00pm)